Wang Yi

Focusing on presenting a complex plane in a way that results simplicity and purity, Wang Yi explores the deconstruction and reconstruction of a specific space, at the same time searching serenity and profundity in his abstract painting. With the use of only two or three colors in one work, he deploys nearly transparent paint and overlays the thin paint repeatedly in the same plane as an ascetic, finally creating a retinal game while treating painting itself as a ritual, and as an endeavor to resist the rapid consuming of art in today's society. Confronting the mirror-like surface of the works, the audience is faced with the visage of a stranger, and has metamorphosed into an anonymous status of concretion. The reflection of the viewer himself/ herself is gradually permeated and eroded by these overlapping shadows. Shifting from his earlier figurative style to absolute abstraction, Wang Yi’s recent works have a theme of minimalism imbued with strictly ruled details. He uses the rational approach of overlapping color to represent the structure of the society, and the relationship between experience and reality, the individuality and the entirety.
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